Gesellschaft für gemeinnütziges Privatkapital


The investment of the Dreilinden capital aims to produce consistent returns in order to meet all grant commitments and to guarantee operations. Beyond that, the investments themselves serve to support Dreilinden’s social aims. In the various investment categories this is realized in different ways. Current and intended investments include:

  • sustainable shares and bonds on the basis of external sustainability ratings
    (each approx. 40% of the assets)
  • renewable energy funds

Impact Investments

  • micro-finance funds, funds for small and medium-sized companies in the Global South
  • socially oriented direct investment funds with head office in the Global South
  • socially oriented direct investments in the Global South
  • loans to above-mentioned institutions

As an investor, Dreilinden takes advantage of its possibilities in every investment category to strengthen gender-specific criteria. For the time being (2015/16) that means

Regarding listed stocks and bonds:

  • monitoring of our investment portfolio and its sustainability criteria, especially regarding aspects relating to gender and development such as “work/life balance”, “social standards in the supply chain”, and “equal opportunities”.
  • making use of engagement opportunities with investees

Regarding our Impact Investments:

  • finding and investing in new impact investments in developing countries with empowerment impact for women and LGBTI.
  • finding suitable, long-term investment partnerships for impact investments.
  • second round of “Dreilinden social monitoring” and, if needed, engagement with impact investment partners, especially relating to their social reporting
  • participation in publications that feature Dreilinden’s investments as good practise.

The current portfolio contains the following direct investments and funds from direct investments: