Gesellschaft für gemeinnütziges Privatkapital


Dreilinden is part of the global funding movement for civil society organizations for women and girls, for lesbians and gays, bisexuals, trans* and inter*

Personally, Ise Bosch is co-founder of filia. die frauenstiftung, funding women’s and girls’ empowerment and is part of the International Network of Women’s Funds.

One long term study finds that the single most significant factor in reaching a more gender just society is the presence of strong feminist civil society organizations (source: We assume that this finding also applies to SOGIESC themes.

Dreilinden is conscious of the fact that gender norms are culturally contested, the world over. Especially in countries that were formerly colonized by the west, the discourses and battles around gender take place in the context of the postcolonial discourse on power. All human rights are interrelated. Ending discrimination of women and girls and heterosexual hegemony will happen only if other forms of discrimination and dis-empowerment are also addressed. Dreilinden addresses this need in her funding strategy. Our project funding in Germany clusters around anti racist work, namely gender and right wing extremism prevention.

Besides funding feminist and SOGIESC organizations in the so-called "Global South", Dreilinden supports select mainstream human rights organization in Europe in their efforts to acquire gender and SOGIESC expertise.

We want to support their efforts to include questions of gender into their work and to further spread this expertise into the mainstream. Dreilinden supports feminist and SOGIESC projects within such organizations and their internal gender mainstreaming. To shed a light on the links between gender hegemonies and racism, Dreilinden supports work toward gender sensitivity in right wing extremism prevention.

Thirdly, Dreilinden supports and initiatiates efforts to bring SOGIESC sensitivity to German development cooperation and foreign policy

Dreilinden regularly publishes the funding stream study „Regenbogen Philanthropie“ (rainbow philanthropy), and organizes a day of learning of the same name. Dreilinden grants support networking within German civil society groups working towards SOGIESC inclusive development cooperation and foreign policy. Research grants provide information on SOGIESC mainstreaming in development cooperation and foreign policy.

You can find a list of Unter Dreilinden grants in 2014, 2015, 2016 here

Dreilinden approaches possible partners for their support schemes of her own accord; unsolicited applications are not processed.