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Ise Bosch to receive the 2018 Deutscher Stifterpreis

– she is also releasing her new book Geben mit Vertrauen

Ise Bosch’s philanthropic approach is based on mutual trust. She turns the power of the moneyed few into power for the many. Dreilinden, the charitable fund Bosch founded and leads, supports social movements around the world that champion the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, and queer people. “Societies become more humane and stronger when gender roles are less strictly binary and less hierarchical,” she says.

Ise Bosch will be honored with the Deutscher Stifterpreis (German Donors Award) for her commitment to human rights. The prize is the highest accolade in the German philanthropic sector. It will be awarded on May 16, during the Deutscher Stiftungstag (German Foundations Day) in Nuremberg.

How can money and the privilege associated with it be used to bring about profound social change? Ise Bosch’s book Geben mit Vertrauen – wie Philanthropie transformativ wird (English: “Giving with Trust – Transformative Philanthropy” will be published in summer) addresses precisely this topic. In the face of growing public criticism of social inequality, philanthropy – itself a product of social inequality – can assert its relevance through enlightened cooperation with marginalized groups.

The autobiographical and analytical essays contained in the book address the power imbalance between donors and the projects they support. The book also outlines autonomous, participatory, and inclusive strategies for delivering power to precisely those people whom the charitable support is meant to serve. It is illustrated with photographs by South African artist Muholi, who have received many awards for their art and their work as an activist.

“This book explains what ‘enlightened giving’ is and how it is possible to pursue philanthropic goals in a critical, self-reflective manner. All too often, philanthropy is regarded dismissively – after all, private donations and private foundations cannot relieve the state of its social and political responsibilities. But this book about the life’s work of Ise Bosch and her Dreilinden foundation shows that philanthropy in the social justice and international human rights movements can have a decisive influence, directing attention at those people and those issues that are frequently ignored or forgotten” – Carolin Emcke, author and journalist, winner of the 2016 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade.

Dreilinden is happy to provide review copies of the book.

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Acceptance speech Ise Bosch after being awarded the German Donors Award 16th May 2018 (video)
Acceptance speech Ise Bosch after being awarded the German Donors Award 16th May 2018 (pdf)

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Cover and table of contents of the book Geben mit Vertrauen – wie Philanthropie transformativ wird

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Inside Dreilinden:

All presented projects are grantee partners of Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice

Astraea honored Ise Bosch with a Transformative Philanthropy Award at their 40th Anniversary Gala in New York. Pictured is Ise Bosch with Astraea's Executive Director, J. Bob Alotta. On November 13, 2017

Iranti-Org in Johannesburg, South Africa formed in 2012 to help local and regional lesbian, trans, intersex and gender non-conforming (LTIGNC) movements in South Africa and across the continent use media as a platform for mobilization and shifting public dialogue. They support organizations to document human rights violations and produce evidence-based materials, and they also support cultural production to change attitudes about sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Gender DynamiX in Cape Town, South Africa is a long-standing national and regional advocacy organization by and for trans people. Gender DynamiX’ long term goal is to ensure that diverse trans and intersex people are able to live openly, without obstruction, and in dignity by being able to equitably participate in the social, political and economic spheres of society.

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